About Us

Mission and Vision

At DarkDesires, our mission is to provide a platform where lovers of Gothic Literature, alternative art forms, and the macabre can find a sanctuary to indulge in their dark desires. We strive to create an immersive experience that transports our audience to a world inhabited by eerie tales, haunting imagery, and an exploration of the shadowy depths of human nature.

Our vision is to become the premier online destination for those seeking fine examples of Gothic Literature, as well as a source of inspiration and support for writers and artists within the genre. We pledge to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community that embraces the darker side of creativity, while fostering creativity, expression, and collaboration.

History and Founder

DarkDesires was established in 2010 by April Durham, a dedicated enthusiast of Gothic Literature with a profound passion for dark aesthetics and alternative art. Drawing from her extensive experience in the industry, April recognized a void in the online world for a platform specifically catering to individuals fascinated by the macabre.

Driven by her desire to bridge the gap between creators and enthusiasts, April, alongside a team of like-minded individuals, embarked on the exciting journey of developing DarkDesires. Through a combination of their expertise, dedication, and shared passion, the team paved the way for a unique space where the darkest recesses of creative minds could find solace.

Our Website

Objective: DarkDesires is more than just a website; it is a realm where enthusiasts and professionals can immerse themselves in a community dedicated to Gothic Literature and alternative art. By providing a well-curated selection of literature, art, discussions, and resources, our objective is to satiate the creative cravings of individuals with an affinity for the darker side of life.

Target Audience: Our platform serves all those who are captivated by Gothic Literature, Gothic-inspired art forms, and alternative subcultures. Whether you are a passionate reader, an aspiring writer, an aficionado of alternative aesthetics, or simply curious about exploring the mystique of the macabre, DarkDesires welcomes you with open arms.

Unique Value: What sets DarkDesires apart is the collective effort of our experienced and highly skilled team members. With their deep knowledge and understanding of the Gothic genre and their dedication to maintaining the highest quality of content, we guarantee our audience not only unwavering access to engaging material but also assurance in the credibility and relevance of the information they find on our platform.

With DarkDesires, you can rest assured that every meticulously selected novel, breath-taking artwork, and thought-provoking article is a testament to our commitment to curating the finest pieces in the realm of Gothic Literature.

We invite you to delve into our sinister realm and explore the enchanting tapestry of darkness that we have woven for true enthusiasts of Gothic Literature and alternative art. Unleash your imagination, awaken your passions, and be a part of the DarkDesires community.

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